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Specialist services

Since 2001, the Al Naboodah Construction Group has been providing professional micro-tunnelling and directional drilling services to the construction industry throughout the UAE. The Group is proud to be known as one of the region’s premier contractors in this specialist field of engineering.

With an extensive fleet of modern tunnelling and drilling machines and a dedicated team of experienced staff and skilled operators, the Al Naboodah Construction Group has installed over 150 km of tunnels, pipelines and utility crossings under runways, taxiways, highways and the seabed.

One of the Group’s most challenging projects, which formed a strategic part of the infrastructure for the iconic Dubai Water Canal, involved the design and construction of 78 utility crossings under the Dubai Water Canal. With lengths up to 220 metres and with a maximum diameter of 1200 mm, 33 tunnels with a combined length of 7338 metres were installed using state-of-the-art micro-tunnelling techniques. In addition to the tunnels a total of 45 cable duct crossings were installed over a combined distance of 12089 metres using high-capacity directional drilling equipment.

Another recent project has involved micro-tunnelling on the Strategic Tunnel Enhancement Scheme in Abu Dhabi to facilitate the installation of 3180 meter of 2.4m diameter sewer pipes with the maximum tunnel length being 660m.

Specialist services